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Patient Direct Program

Patient Direct Program - Healing Solutions Acupuncture in Oviedo, FL

Patient Direct FAQ's for Patients

Who can participate in the program?

Anyone who is a current patient of a health care professional that offers Standard Process products may apply. Just ask your health care professional for the office's unique Patient Direct code. You will need it for your application.

Why do I have to be approved as a current patient by my health care professional?

This program was designed to offer patients the convenience of 24/7 ordering while still maintaining the health care professional-patient relationship. Only your health care professional knows your personal nutritional needs. As a current patient you get recommendations from an expert who will make sure you are getting the right supplements. Your health care professional will explain situations in which a supplement should not be used and help you avoid the dangers of guessing or self-diagnosis.

How do I apply for a Patient Direct account?

1. Login to the website:

2. Scroll down and Enter 5-Digit/Code Provided by Healing Solutions Acupuncture in box titled Health Care Professional's Patient Direct Code*   Note: you must be provided this code directly from our office. Check the back of your brochure for this specific CODE or text/call our office at 407-312-7977.

3. Fill in all your information in step 2 of 3. Make sure your phone number is in XXX-XXX-XXXX format.

4. Scroll through both boxes of terms and click I agree to comply to both sections.

Click I am not a robot.
And click register.

5. Dr. Cherie Menzel will immediately receive an email to approve your request. As soon as Dr. Menzel receives an email that a Patient has requested access to Patient Direct by Standard Process, or has availability to review she will approve your account for access to order. 

6. Within 1-24 hours you will receive an email stating Your account request has been approved. In that email proceed to click Finalize Patient Direct Account Icon box in Purple. This will allow you to create your username and password with 2 security questions.

7. Next you will receive the Final email to complete your Patient Direct Registration and have the opportunity to place all future orders. Anytime you need to place an order Login to to your Patient Sign In. The box will be titled: Practitioner/Patient Sign In.  Enter your username and password.

Happy Shopping to maintain and optimize your Health needs. If at anytime you have questions in reference to supplement concerns or questions please contact our office via text or phone at 407-312-7977.

Does Patient Direct orders have a Shipping Cost?

Shipping is provided FREE when you place an order of $100.00 or more. It will be shipped UPS GROUND COMMERCIAL. Typically those shipments arrive to you in 2-3 business days in our experience, subject to holidays etc. Orders placed by 3pm EST or earlier is recommended. Free Shipping can also be expedited Faster if you click Show More Delivery Options. Selecting Shipping UPS 2ND DAY AIR COMMERCIAL or
UPS NEXT DAY AIR COMMERCIAL will vary with an Additional cost depending on the weight of your order.

Any orders $99.99 and below will have a $8.00 flat fee for UPS Ground Commercial shipping. Typically those shipments arrive to you in 2-3 business days in our experience, subject to holidays etc. Orders placed by 3pm EST or earlier is recommended. Shipping can be expedited and includes overnight, two-day, or three-day shipping, depending on your location if you click Show More Delivery Options

NOTE: If you do not complete your Order it is saved in Your Cart and can be completed later when you Login.

Does Patient Direct collect sales tax?

We are required to follow the laws in each state and collect sales tax from you, the patient, if applicable. Sales tax is based on your health care professional's address. Orders shipped across state lines are subject to the sales-tax percentages based on your practitioner's location.

How quickly do patient orders ship from a Standard Process facility?

Typically a patient order will ship within one to three business days. Subject to the Delivery Options you selected and time of order and holidays.

Do you accept returns from patients?

Standard Process does not accept returns.

Patient Direct Program - Healing Solutions Acupuncture in Oviedo, FL